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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finished Executioners (?)

I spent the last eek putting the finishing touches on my Executioners. The second tactical squad and Sternguard squads are now both ten man squads. I also built a five man Vanguard squad to act as a third assault unit.

I finally got to play some more Boarding Action games with my friend HuronBH last Sunday. We played two, one against his Chaos Marines, and one against some Howling Griffons. It was nice to see the army on the table, and get a feel for how it would work in games. One thing I learned, I need to shave off the melta bombs everywhere and add a captain. One character (especially one who is I4) just is not enough.

I lost the first game against Chaos. This one was a Sabotage mission and had three objectives. My biggest problem in this game, I shot myself in the foot, and started the tac squad and sternguard with the chaplain on the board, and kept the vanguard, terminators and Ironclad in reserves. Not a smart move, as it left my terminators bottle necked and ineffective. Which in turn allowed his greater deamon to assault an objective and win him the game.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Executioner's Second Tactical Squad

Today I have the first half of my second Executioner's tactical squad done. I used the same painting schemes for the grey, silver and gold. One thing I feel like I need to play with though, is an ink wash for the grey, either a black or blue wash, so I will probably try that with my next group.

I opted to build a multimelta in this squad, though great for anti-tank, and in boaring situations, anti-bulkhead duties, I really went with it for those reasons and a lack of plasma cannon bitz in my personal bitz horde.

AFter the fact I realised that i need to repaint the sergeant's head gold to indicate his veteran status. I also needed to go back with a micron pen and add some writing on another models purity seals.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Grey Knight's Nemesis Dreadknight

One of my first purchases for my new Grey Knight's force was the Dreadknight. While it is very Aliens in its look (tempting me to name the driver Ripley), I do feel it is pretty cool. Here are sprue picks, since White Dwarf didn't feel the need to show them off.

The trend toward allowing for all of the options being offered on a sprue is pretty cool. It is great to see the development of GW's sprues over time and how much the detail has evolved on them.

Here are some WIP pics of the dreadknight. It is a pretty neat kit, that requires a bit of paying attention to the instructions in order to get it right. For one thing, the legs have extra hosing bitz that need to be inserted before gluing, and on the first leg I didn't realise this before gluing, so I had to pry the two pieces apart for the proper assembly.

When complete, there are two sub assemblies that are built, torso and arms; and legs and waste. There is also a flyer sized base that at the time of this post I haven't built. The Each piece has a peg that gives a slight bit of posability to the model in terms of turning to right or left. This can be glued (I eventually chose to do so) or can remain unglued for ease of transport.

The final choices for the modeller are what weapons to equip the Dreadknight with. I chose to use the Nemesis Great Sword and gatling Psilencer, however there is also the basic build of two Dread ccw's, or a Nemesis Deamon Hammer, heavy incinerator or heavy psycannon. One option that isn't really available to model is the personal teleporter.

My next step is to build a base that coincides with my Hunt for Delar theme, I intend to use chaos bitz to add to the base, in conjunction with ballast and some turf to make a rotting, Nurgley looking scene.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Hunt For Delgar

Deep within the halls of the Augurium on Titan, a prognosticator lays out his Emperor's Tarot for the fifth consecutive time. He shakes his head, seeing the same results. Rebirth, Darkness Resurgent, Imminent Peril, The Azure Warrior and Hope Inverted. All of these images coalesced around a single name, that of Delgar, a Plague Lord of the Death Guard thought to be long vanquished almost a decade ago. "Prognosticator Majoris" called the frustrated Prognosticator. "I request you verify my reading."
Coming to view the cards, the Prognosticator Majoris observed them, then taking the deck he shuffled slowly, deliberately, then dealt. Seeing the same cards come upi yet again. He gathered them up and handed them to the waiting prognosticator. Revealing his own tarot, the Majoris then dealt again. Again the same reading followed. "I do not understand, I was but a prognosticator myself when this reading first was seen" spoke the Majoris. "The Ultramarines defeated Delgar, his ascendance to deamonhood was halted. His vile form was last seen mutating uncontrollably into some vile hell spawn."
"Somehow the Beast returns" replied the prognosticator. "The Brotherhoods must be warned."

When I came back to Warhammer 40,000 after a break during college, my arch nemesis became HuronBH of Blood & Blades and Gamer's Lounge notoriety. Lately our fued has cooled, much like the Redskins and Cowboys, owing in large part to my recent embarkation into the realm of fatherhood (and living a crazy drive away). However, the new Grey Knights codex has me longing for the days when HuronBH's Death Guard were throwing down against my Ultramarines. In fact one of the last battles we played where his Death Guard threw down against my Ultramarines was alluded to in the bit of fan fiction above. Though the game was a tie, my main objective was to kill Delgar and stop his ascension to deamonhood. Lately HuronBH has made mumblings of bringing Delgar back as some kind of uber spawn cum Deamon Prince. Hopefully, this little bit of fan fiction, and some work in progress pics of my new Grey Knights slaying chaos (most definitely going to be Nurge-esque at that) will inspire him to go back to his true love.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flesh tearers Librarian Dreadnought

The Librarian Dreadnought is the final piece of my Flesh Tearer's army, bringing it up to 2000 points. I'm a little disappointed that the codex takes away upgrades for the dread once it goes into Librarian mode, making it a very specific build, but I enjoyed making the model, especially the force weapon arm.

I used the same painting scheme as I have for my other Flesh Tearers, and modelled the dreadnought as a scaled up marine, so that the black spots are placed where they would be on a space marine model. I used layers of Mordian Blue, Ultramarines Blue, a 50:50 mix of Ultramarines Blue and Ice Blue, and an extreme highlight of Ice Blue for the blue on the psychic hood.

Finally, I used the standard base for the dreadnought, figuring that it matched the grey ballast that the rest of the army has.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Victories of the Space Marines

The latest anthology from the Black Library is called Victories of the Space Marines. This is probably not the best offering from them to date. Pretty much all of the stories are fairly mediocre, though there are a few that are worth mentioning. There is a second story from Gave Thorpe called "The Rewards of Tolerance" which picks up the thread of the rogue Avenging Sons from the last anthology. They are continuing there journey toward the Eye of Terror in this story and have to solve problems of navigation and supply. "Exhumed" by Steve Parker also picks up the thread of a Deathwatch Kill Team under the command of an Inquisitor code named Sigma who are tasked to retrieve something the Adeptus Mechanicus has discovered. There is also a reprint of the short story "Primal Instinct" from the first edition of Hammer and Bolter. All in all, if you aren't a die hard BL reader, I would skip this one.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Executioners Stern Guard

I built these Stern Guard marines from a tactical squad boxed set. Four of them have combi meltaguns from the Space Marine Commander kit. I used a the terminator honors shoulder pads to denote their veteran status, and unlike the tactical squads, these marines have the standard rimmed shoulder pads.

A variety of purity seals and honor scrolls were used to add veteran touches to the models. The sergeant was modelled with a power axe a metal bolter combi meltagun from one of the veteran kits. Finally they were given industrial bases to continue the boarding action theme.

I used the same painting scheme as I have for the other Executioners for these models as well.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ultramarines 10th Company

Here are pics of my 10th company Ultramarines. The scout company has some ad hoc aspects to it, since I built it over about five years. Unlike the rest of my companies, this one was built along side the others. When the plastic scouts and Land Speeder Storm came out, I filled out the company as part of a drive to finish the chapter. The bases still need to be unified to some degree, and some of the camo cloaks need to be brought into some kind of order to make each squad more easily identifiable. I also want to add some more Land Speeder Storms as well, but for now, this is a work in progress that is at a good state of completeness.