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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Richard William's Imperial Glory

Richard William's Imperial Glory is the story of the Brimlock 11th regiment. Part of a massive founding of guardsmen from the planet Brimlock, the Brimlock 11th has slowly become an amalgamation of survivors from other Brimlock regiments as the Ellinor Crusade has worn on. Dispatched to the planet Voorheid in order to purge an infestation of Orks, the Brimlock 11th must carry out its mission in spite of a general war weariness that has pervaded the regiment. This is an extremely well written BL novel, it left me wanting more - which is always a good thing. The mysteries surrounding two of the principal characters, Private Stone and Major Stanhope carry through the length of the novel and aren't easily guessed at either. For a first offering, this is a must read, and is good enough to stand with Abnett, McNiell and Dembski-Bowden.

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