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Thursday, August 28, 2014

After Market Upgrades

When I acquired the Ultima Strike Force, essentially, for just the terminator captain, I had to decide what to do with everything else in the box.  Owning an entire Chapter means I don;t really need a lot what is inside, so I did end up selling some of it.  The Storm Raven will be coming to this blog soon, as will the Venerable Dreadnought and another Terminator squad.  But the Assault squads I liquidated, and I am still decidng on the Land Raider.  So contents, distributed, I then had to figure what to do with what I am keeping.  One way to enhance, or diversify your collection is through the after market bitz market.

This squad of terminator was built using Chapterhouse Studios Gladiator torso bitz for Terminators, and their  Heresy Era shoulder pads.  Two quick swaps and you have a whole new model built.  Sadly, the left over arms I had wouldn't mesh with the shoulder pads, so the terminators have modern weaponry.  But the conversion works I think.

While after market bitz or kits are not as mainstream in the Games Workshop modelling universe, the historical model world is replete with them.  When thinking about projects, look and see what is out there, it is definitely cool to make your own, but sometime it isn't necessary to reinvent the wheel - or pay Forge World prices for something that can stand in nicely.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Captain Agemman

While this is not the first rendition of Agemman I have done, I am definitely liking the new plastic Terminator Captain.  I did have one minor slip with the hobby knife while cleaning up the sprues on the banner piece, essentially necessitating that I reduce the number of spikey bitz on it.  But other than that the model fits together really nicely.

I kept the pallet the same as my other Ultramarine models, with the addition of layers of  Dawnstone and Codex Grey (old GW color) for the rock Agemman is standing on.  My Micron pen died while working on this model, requiring me to pick up a new one, however I like the crispness it allowed me on Agemman's personal heraldry.

Once the heraldry was outlined with the Micron pen, I used a fine point brush to color it in, and extra layers of white to make sure any mistakes were cleaned up.  Next week, look for some Battle Fleet Gothic action, as the first round of the campaign gets started.  I will have the fleet roster and battle reports up.