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Sunday, January 13, 2013


From the moment I first saw the Fellblade, I knew I wanted to add one to my burgeoning Legion army. Shortly after New Years it arrived, and I was eager to get started. However, first it got a nice soak in soapy water to remove any mold release from the resin pieces.
My previous experience with the Baneblade kit, as well as the Armored Proteus left a little trepidation with this one. My main concern was that the tracks and the hull sections would not fit together properly.
Fortunately that was not my experience this time, once I got started on the Fellblade, it went together smoothly. It was only with reluctance that I paused in the building for a nights sleep (I know, sleep is for the weak) but was able to finish the sponson building pretty quickly. I just need to pay better attention to the fact that each side's sponson is built differently, as I had to take one apart and reverse it.
The last flourishes on the model were a couple of brass etched details to make the Fellblade more Ultramarines. I did, however, shy away from using many of the Ultramarine pieces that also had Imperial Aquillas on them. Although one the Courage and Honour placard does have a small Aquilla on it. Next up, painting!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cataphract Terminators

Along with the Cataphractii terminator set, I also picked up one of the Cataphractii Speacial Weapon sets and one of the Cataphractii Power Fist sets. Between these two, I had more than enough choices to equip my new terminators. I opted to use the power sword, autocannon, two combi-bolters, two combi-melta and two chain fists.
I used the new GW paints for these models, with layers of Kantor Blue, Altdorf Guard Blue and Calgar Blue as an edge highlight. The silver is layers of Leadbelcher, Argax Earthshade and then old GW Chainmail. The black is Abaddon Black and the brown is layers of Dryad Bark, Skrag Brown and Zamesi Desert.
After sealing the models, I used Decal Set from Testors to add Ultramarines Agemos to the models. Then gave them a second coat of Dullcote. It took me a while to get this blog post done, honestly these models were done before Christmas, unfortunately I had to redo the pictures as the first go came out far too dark.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Ravenwing, by Gav Thorpe is a new trilogy by Gav revolving around the Dark Angels. It takes place after his last Dark Angels novel, Angels of Darkness. For those who don't know what happened, it is worth checking out that novel for a more in depth look at those events, for they play an essential part in the events of this novel. As the title would indicate, the action in this novel revolves around the Ravenwing, and the hunt for the fallen. While I feel like giving any of the plot details away would be too much of a big spoiler, let me just say it was a good read, and at least of the quality of his Eldar trilogy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tome of Fire

Tome of Fire is a compilation of short stories that circle around the Tome of Fire trilogy by Nick Kyme. While there is nothing essential here, at least one story is a reprint of how Koten K'dai is killed, and another is the print version of the audio drama of Tsu'gan's first mission as a terminator. There are two short stories that are set in the aftermath of Nocturne. It is a good read, especially for Salamanders fans, but not an essential work by any means.