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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Chaos Deamons Codex

I waited about a week to pick up the Chaos Deamons Codex.  For one thing, I wasn't sure how necessary it would be for me to own, for another I was still digesting the Death from the Skies book.  On the whole, I think it is a nice improvement from the last, though i am not happy about the move of Deamon Princes from heavy support to HQ.  Then again, that was really a filler choice that didn't make much sense.  Still my Tzeentch Deamons are now kind of HQ heavy.  The chariots are not that impressive either, though now I feel like I need to pick up the Tzeentch one at some point and thrown an exalted flamer on it.  I'm also disappointed that they didn't make a flyer.  A single kit with four different builds (heads or whatever) could have made a flying beastie for the army.  Of course, they could have thrown the Helldrake into the list too, but that doesn't make too much sense considering the allies rules.  On the whole, it's okay, I'll be interested to try it with my Thousand Sons some day soon.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Disciples of Caliban Terminator Command Squad

For the Dark Angels Terminator boxed set, I had to look at the fact that I already had two squads.  So the real choice was between a command squad and a knight squad.

 The deciding factor for me was the ability to equip one of the models with a plasma cannon.    That was the first model I built and painted.  The sergeant, champion and standard bearer all followed from that choice.

 I painted the terminators using the same palette as the rest of the army, though I opted not to free hand any Disciples of Caliban insignia at this time.

Ultramarines Librarian

 This model took me quite a while to build.  I started out using bitz from the Grey Knight's terminator boxed set.  Building the majority of the model and leaving off the shield arm.  At the time, I had a Grey Knight head on the model. 

 When i got my hands on the Dark Angels Terminator boxed set, I added the shield arm.  Then after some deliberations, swapped out the head for the hooded Dark Angels head.

 I painted the model using my regular Ultramarine's palette.  Then applied a water slide transfer using  Testors Decal Set.  I can see now, I need to go back and paint over the carrier film for a better finish.  More work to backlog.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Disciples of Caliban Land Speeder Vengeance

I know there has been a lot of debate about the aesthetics of this model on forums, personally the in game effects of a model have to be balanced against their design if you play regularly.  I have become an infrequent player at best, so it's all about aesthetics and what's cool for me.

 I chose to build my Land Speeder kit as a Vengeance for one reason - plasma weaponry.  The heavy plasma cannon on the Land Speeder Vengeance was a no brainer for me.

To keep the same color pallete throughout the army, I kept the weapons gold, and  made the broad surfaces dark green, and the Exterior surfaces  black. 

The silver was paintd with Ironhull, Argax Earthshade and Chainmail.  The window was painted with Fenris grey.  I opted not to free hand any Disciples of Caliban symbols for now. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Neferata, by Josh Reynolds is the latest in the Time of Legends series.  This is the story of Neferata after she has fled Lahmia.  There are two story lines ongoing in this novel, one is the story of Neferata immediately after she fled Lahmia, and the other is further along in the timeline, and what she does upon re-encountering many of the original vampires who served her in Lahmia in the mountains of Strigoi.  The story moves along pretty well, though I felt like the plot line revolving around Strigoi was far more interesting.  All in all, a good read, though more for Warhammer than 40k fans.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ultramarines Fellblade

This was one of the most fun projects I have worked on in a while.  For one thing, the Fellbalde was something I wanted from the moment I saw it, much like the Thunderhawk. For another, it actually came with the tank crew, so I didn't need to add any extra kits to complete it.

I kept to my standard paint style here, using Ceramite White and White Scar for the white.  I applied base coats of Kantor Blue and Leadbelcher, then a wash of Argax Earthshade.  After that, I painted a layer of Chainmail on the silver.  Then layers of Macraage Blue and an extreme highlight of Calgar Blue.   The red is made up of layers of Mephiston Red, Wild Rider Red and  Fire Dragon Bright.

The black is just a layer of Abaddon Black with a highlight of P3 Coal Black.  Finally, the Gold is layers of Hashut Copper, Gehennas Gold and Shining Gold.

 It was nice to revisit my roots again, and while I am slowly working on a Pre-Heresy Ultramarines army, I feel like I don't get to work on any where near as many Ultramarine models as I would like.