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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Second Thousand Sons Squad

I built my second thousand Sons squad back when Death From the Skies came out.  The credit that Games Workshop gave out for online purchases allowed me to buy the  Thousand Sons upgrade pack.  I then built the eight rubric marines with the kit.

 I used the new Finecast Chaos Sorcerer for the squad leader.  I swapped out the head with a Tzeentch Champion head from the Chaos Marine boxed set, and used the model as normal otherwise.

 The power armour was painted in Kantor Blue, and then the gold was done with layers of Hashut Copper, Argax Earthshade, Gehennna's Gold and Auric Armour Gold.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Illic Nightspear

 As a big fan of Eldar Rangers, I had to add Illic to my collection.  My first Eldar army was an Alaitoc one, and though I don't like to repeat army colors when I paint new armies, I do still love Alaitoc.  However, I chose to paint up Illic as if he were from Altansar.

I kept the same brown palette as I use on the mud bases, and then used P3 dark greens to paint the camouflage cloak. The red is the same as the Alatansar colors I've been using.  For the way stone Illic is standing on, I chose to just use greys, it is layers of Dawnstone and Administratum Gray.

 Illic's rifle is Abaddon Black, with a high light of P3 Coal black.  I used P3 Khardic Flesh and Midlund Flesh.  While I like this model a lot, I will probably use the Autarch I have more often.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Eldar Crimson Hunter

 I decided on building the Crimson Hunter variant for the Eldar aircraft kit.  The back story for the Hemlock made me think it was too rare or shunned for a craftworld like Altansar, that is trying to gain the trust of the other Eldar to be using unless they were desperate.

 I kept the paint scheme simple, using the same color palette as the Wraithknight.  I used the bone color as a highlight element, just like on the Guardians and the Wraithknight.  The Aspect Warrior pilot has the same paint scheme as a Guardian as well.

I kept the base simple, like the Wraithknight as well.  It uses the same textured base color, Stirland Mud, with layers of Mournfang Brown and and Balor brown (these should be Bestial brown and Snakebite Leather equivalents).