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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sons of Guilliman Rhino

Part of my 1000 point Sons of Guilliman has two rhinos in it. Here is the first of the two rhinos. I was a bit daunted by this project, as the quartered scheme of the Sons of Guilliman is easy on a marine, the natural delineations of the armor providing stopping points for the quartered colors. On a rhino chassis, there is no such thing.

At first, I tried a freehand attempt at quartering. This left me with slanted and uneven lines. Somewhat reluctantly, I turned to some painters tape to provide the crisp even edges I was able to obtain on the finished model. I did this by taping off one white quarter at a time.

To paint the white, I used a layer of P3 Frostbite, then a 60:40 Frostbite GW Skull White. Next I painted a coat of 40:60 Frostbite Skull White. Finally, I painted three coats of Skull White.

The blue is painted with a coat of Regal Blue, then Enchanted Blue and finally an extreme highlight of Ice Blue. The model was primed white originally, using Dupli-Color white.

Finally, I used a Micron Pen to draw the chapter insignia on the front of the rhino. I then painted the white using the same coats as with the other white. The blue is just Ultramarine Blue.

The one thing I would definitely like to improve on the next rhino, is a more even quartering across the whole model. Probably measuring and marking the mid points will best achieve this. Also, some more detailing would be nice as well, seeing as I only added a brass etched number piece to signify the number of the rhino.

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