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Monday, August 10, 2015

Ultramarines Spartan

The biggest difficulty I had with this model was one of the energy cables disappearing on me while building it.  Otherwise it is basically just a bigger Land Raider.  Not wanting to have to bother with water slide transfers, I opted to raid my dwindling supply of brass etched.

 Knowing the scare effect Land Raiders have upon players, I am sure the Spartan would have a similar "kill it fast" effect.  That kind of psychological effect can be interesting to observe, especially when playing in tournaments that allow Forge World.  Though this purchase was mainly a way to round out my Ultramarines Chapter, it also helps beef up my Pre-Heresy force, which does include a 20 Marine Tactical squad.

While working on this model, I found another on Ebay, so expect to see Spartan 2 as a post some time in the future.


  1. You should paint the brass etching, it's meant to be painted. Further than that, the blue is solid, but the model feels unfinished. Perhaps some weathering on and around the tracks could be added.

    If you dislike doing transfers, perhaps adding some Forge World Ultramarines doors is your think. It's an expensive tank, adding the doors is worth it!

    1. Believe it or not, the brass etched is painted gold. The pic doesnt do it justice. I dont weather my ultramarines normally. I feel they have a bunch of cleaning servitora on hand, but I see what you mean about the unfinished look.

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