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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Flesh Tearers part 2

Meeting the deadlines I've set for myself for the Pathfinder challenge has been a little bit difficult, however I'm on the right track. The first half of my 1k is now done, and looks pretty good so far. First off is the big daddy, Chapter Master Seth.

I decided not to do any mods on Seth, and stuck to the basic basing that I had used with the Sanguinary Guard. The main difference here is that i took my time, and made sure to paint to a higher standard rather than just doing an over brush that is somewhat sloppy but maintains most of the shading.

Another difference that can be noted, is that his cloak is painted using a two brush technique and his skin tones were done with Dark Flesh, Tallarn Flesh, Dwarf Flesh, Devlan Mud and then a second coat of Dwarf Flesh.

This round I primed all of the models with red Dupli-color Sandable primer. I realized after the fact that the death company should have been primed black, but I think they came out well despite the red base coat.

The Sanguinary Priest is a kit bash with the legs from the commander sprue, a death company jump pack, the apothecary chest plate and narthecium arm, and a sanguinary guard head and power fist.

The Assault squad and Death Company are built from a combination of combat squad and death company boxed sets. I also used the Flesh Tearer's shoulder pads throughout the army.

Finally, I used a micron pen to outline all of the iconography and then hand painted it. I chose fourth company for my assault squads.

Up next are the last assault squad, final 5 death company and a Baal Predator.


  1. Looking good Chris, with the stuff you said you had to finish does that bring you up to 1K for the Pathfinder 1000 or are you working on more points?

    Don't forget that Sunday May 30th is the judging down at GW Sugarland. My army is coming along slowly but I at least started on most of the infantry and I do not envision the tanks taking to long once I get the interiors of the 2 Rhinos done.

  2. 11 models to go, 10 built and need to be primed and the predator is unbuilt, though I want to devote a week to it. I think I've got it managed.