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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rob Sanders' Redemption Corps

Redemption Corps is the story of Zane Mortensen, a Major in command of the storm trooper company, named the "Redemption Corps". It is the first novel by Rob Sanders and is a pretty decent offering. The novel is uniquely told from two perspectives, or two different time lines. In one Zane is a prisoner, in the other, Mortensen is fighting a campaign against insurgent forces, and rather than being the typical guard foot/armor slog, his forces are only used for high risk priority missions.It's almost as if you get the best of both a guard and a space marine novel. Redemption Corps has some interesting twists and turns, and all in all, is an entertaining read.

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  1. I also enjoyed reading this book, though I didn't really care that much for the non-linear parts of the storyline. I don't think it added a lot to the book and instead disrupted the flow of the story. I think I would have preferred a more traditional approach to telling those parts of the story but otherwise I thought it was a good read. I especially liked the early portion of the novel concerning the revolt against the Commissars aboard the ship carrying the Redemption Corps. Also I feel Sanders did a good job with the general craziness of the 41st millennium, in particular with his portrayal of the Sisters of Battle Canoness.