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Sunday, January 13, 2013


From the moment I first saw the Fellblade, I knew I wanted to add one to my burgeoning Legion army. Shortly after New Years it arrived, and I was eager to get started. However, first it got a nice soak in soapy water to remove any mold release from the resin pieces.
My previous experience with the Baneblade kit, as well as the Armored Proteus left a little trepidation with this one. My main concern was that the tracks and the hull sections would not fit together properly.
Fortunately that was not my experience this time, once I got started on the Fellblade, it went together smoothly. It was only with reluctance that I paused in the building for a nights sleep (I know, sleep is for the weak) but was able to finish the sponson building pretty quickly. I just need to pay better attention to the fact that each side's sponson is built differently, as I had to take one apart and reverse it.
The last flourishes on the model were a couple of brass etched details to make the Fellblade more Ultramarines. I did, however, shy away from using many of the Ultramarine pieces that also had Imperial Aquillas on them. Although one the Courage and Honour placard does have a small Aquilla on it. Next up, painting!

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