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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cataphract Terminators

Along with the Cataphractii terminator set, I also picked up one of the Cataphractii Speacial Weapon sets and one of the Cataphractii Power Fist sets. Between these two, I had more than enough choices to equip my new terminators. I opted to use the power sword, autocannon, two combi-bolters, two combi-melta and two chain fists.
I used the new GW paints for these models, with layers of Kantor Blue, Altdorf Guard Blue and Calgar Blue as an edge highlight. The silver is layers of Leadbelcher, Argax Earthshade and then old GW Chainmail. The black is Abaddon Black and the brown is layers of Dryad Bark, Skrag Brown and Zamesi Desert.
After sealing the models, I used Decal Set from Testors to add Ultramarines Agemos to the models. Then gave them a second coat of Dullcote. It took me a while to get this blog post done, honestly these models were done before Christmas, unfortunately I had to redo the pictures as the first go came out far too dark.

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