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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thousand Sons Warpsmith

After a sad lazy lapse, I've finally gotten around to doing some photography. I've decided to start chronologically, so here is the Christmas present from my loving wife. I decided to paint my Warpsmith as a Thousand Sons Warpsmith, figuring that any techmarines the legion might have had would become Warpsmiths.
 The model is a bit tricky to build, as the mechadendrites are fastened at awkward parts on the model, however, once built, it was easy enough to handle and fairly durable - having dropped it a couple of times while painting.
 The majority of the model was painting with Leadbelcher, then Argax Earthshade, then Chainmail. The gold was Hashut Copper, Argax Earthshade, Gehennas Gold and then Burnished Gold. For the blue I used layers of Kantor Blue and Macragge Blue. Finally the eyes were painted with layers of Caliban Green, Warpstone Green, P3 Wurm green and GW Moot Green.
 More to come in the next couple days, including my finished Fellblade and some of the new DA stuff painted up as Disciples of Caliban.

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