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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Eldar Wraith Knight

So once again there is a large gap in posts. Unfortunately, the camera I used to take pictures of my models with broke. The lens will no longer retract and telescope out. It being my wife's, I was left in a quandry. She suggested I use the camera on my phone, which is pretty good. This post is an experiment to see if the quality looks good enough for me to clear off my queue of models waiting to be blogged about.

My Eldar are painted in the colors of Altansar, using Khorne Red, Wazdakka Red and an extreme highlight of Evil Sunz Scarlet. The bone is Zandri Dust, Ushabit Bone and Screaming Skull. The black is Abaddon Black with a highlight of P3 Coal black (I cannot find this shade replicated else where and one pot has lasted forever).

In the next couple of weeks I should be able to show off the rest of the new Eldar models I've added (I still haven't picked an elite's choice). A detachment of the new Tau, some more Thousand Sons, Pre-Heresy era Ultramarines, Ultramarine flyers and some Executioners. I'm going to skip any book reviews for now, most of the 40k books are good, haven't touched fantasy. Felt IA12 was hard to plow through and am annoyed about the Iyanden supplements release.

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