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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Eldar Crimson Hunter

 I decided on building the Crimson Hunter variant for the Eldar aircraft kit.  The back story for the Hemlock made me think it was too rare or shunned for a craftworld like Altansar, that is trying to gain the trust of the other Eldar to be using unless they were desperate.

 I kept the paint scheme simple, using the same color palette as the Wraithknight.  I used the bone color as a highlight element, just like on the Guardians and the Wraithknight.  The Aspect Warrior pilot has the same paint scheme as a Guardian as well.

I kept the base simple, like the Wraithknight as well.  It uses the same textured base color, Stirland Mud, with layers of Mournfang Brown and and Balor brown (these should be Bestial brown and Snakebite Leather equivalents).

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