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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ferrus Mannus

The first Primarch I choose to work on was Ferrus Mannus, him being the only one released for the loyalists to date.  This model is pretty intricate, the hardest parts being all of the chains and hoses which are small rein pieces that need to be glued on.

I began by assembling the model in stages - bases, torso and legs.  Then once I was sure it would fit properly, I finished the assembly and primed black.  I used the Forge World website as a painting guide, and did my best to copy the paint job shown there.  The one major difference, was the choosing of which corpses were Emperors Children and which Iron Hands.

On the whole, the paints I udes were predominantly GW, using Argax Earthshade as a wash, I did layers of Leadbelcher, wash and Ironbreaker for the silver, and then Sycorax Bronze, wash, Gehenna's Gold and an old pot of Burnished Gold for the golds.  For the black, it is just Abaddon Black and a highlight of P3 Coal Black.  The purple is layers of Xereus Purple and Genestealer Purple.

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