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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Campaign of Silence?

   Starting in August, one of my friends and I will be beginning a campaign leading up to a large point apocalypse game in late December, or early January.  It will be a mix of Battle Fleet Gothic and Warhammer 40,000 spread across a sub-sector of Ork controlled space.  In the weeks to come I will be switching between blogging about models I am working on, and various aspects of this coming campaign.  I am going to try to weave fiction in with the various battle reports, army lists and happenings of the campaign.  Below is a bit of fiction to kick things off:

    The flight deck was over crowded, as men and servitors sought to shift equipment and material as it came aboard the Resurgence from Macragge below.  Towering above everyone except the largest load lifting servitors, stood a cobalt armored giant, his right shoulder pad marked with the inverted omega of the Ultramarines.  Choreographing the dance, his orders beat time to his harsh, staccato voice; his focus never leaving the data slate in his outsized hand.
     "Progress report sergeant" ordered the voice of Captain Ixion over the vox.
     "Proceeding to at acceptable parameters" replied the sergeant as he broke from his cadence to address his superior.
     "I am counting on you brother"
     "It shall be done Captain" replied sergeant Julian.
     With a click, the conversation had ended, and Julian continued his logistics assignment.  A part of his brain wondered why the chapter was not utilizing one of its own strike cruisers for this mission.  But it was not for him to decide.  Only to execute the orders.  Soon the flight deck had cleared enough that a trio of Storm Talons, escorting a pair of Storm Ravens could all dock with the Resurgence.  Nestling in close by a trio of Thunderhawks, the Ares and the Artemis, and their companion lander, the Athena.
     As the engines of the Storm Ravens began to power down, the front boarding ramp opened, and down marched six Ultramarines.  At their head strode Captain Ixion of the 7th company.  His cloak swirling behind him, each step the measured stride of powered armor.  His command squad followed, apothecary Marius, ancient Diomedes, company champion Artorius, veteran sergeant Acostius, and veteran brother Eusebius.  Brother Julian came to attention as his captain strode toward him.
     Only a few strides from the Storm Raven, the vox channel of the Ultramarines opened company wide.  "Brothers, our final moments in Ultramar are upon us, we march to war.  For the Emperor!  For blessed Guilliman! and for Macragge!"  The words of Captain Ixion echoed in the minds of his men for a long instance.  Then his voice broke through again.  "Brothers, there will be a company wide briefing in two hours, before then, all sergeants to the Strategium.  Courage and honor!"

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