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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Roboute Guilliman - Part 2

         As I continued to work on Guilliman, I worked to touch up different layers, as well as add each layer of color.  For these layers, I had to wait for the Argax Earthshade to dry.  First I added a layer of Kantor Blue.  A layer of Warpstone Glow was added to the green areas, Ceramtie white for the white, Gehenna's Gold for the gold areas and Ironbreaker for the silver.  Then I added a layer of P3 Midlund Flesh to the face.  The scenic base was given a coat of The Fang to begn attempting to layer in the marbling effect.

 The next group of layers were Russ Grey on the scenic base, Warboss Green on the laurels, a second coat of Ceramtie White to the white areas, including the cloak, and a wash of Reikland Flesh on the face.  His hair was also given a coat of Averlund Sunset.  The leather straps got a layer of Skrag Brown.

     Once the wash dried on the face, another coat of P3 Midlund Flesh was applied, tightening up the area around the eyes.  Then a .005 Micron Pen was used for the pupils.  The blue areas were given a coat of Macragge Blue as well.

 The white areas were then given two coast of White Scar, and final highlights were applies to the smaller details, gold got an edge highlight of the old GW Shining Gold, the laurels a highlight of Moot Green, brown an edge highlight of Balor Brown.

The scenic base got two coats of Ceramite White.

Finally, the base got two coats of White Scar, and then the edge of the actual base got a coat of Abaddon Black.

Guilliman's armour then got a layer of Altdorf Guard Blue, followed by edge highlights of Calgar Blue.  His hair also got a layer of Zamesi Dessert.

The last thing Guilliman gets is a coat of Abaddon Black on his scabbard.

Once the model was finished, I sprayed it with a coat of Testor's Dullcote.

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