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Monday, July 13, 2015

Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines - Part 1

 Changing careers and going back to school has left with me little free time this past year, and much of the time I had to work on projects was consumed by commission work.  I had been thinking about coming back to this blog for a while, but I wanted to do so with a project that I was truly enthusiastic about, and could bring a new look to the way I present my work.  I chose a model I would have waited an eternity for, Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman.  Having seen after market versions of Guilliman, and the Horus Heresy novels presaging his release, there were images of Guilliman already out there.  I even managed to snag a copy of his Horus Heresy card game card.  I fell in love with this model when I first saw it, but also knew that the scenic base was something that needed to be detachable, as hauling around marble statuary.  Above is my initial look at the pieces of the kit.

 The scenic base goes together really easy, with only the iron halo type piece on one of the banners being something small and fidly to worry about.  Guilliman himself also goes together fairly easy, though I had to fudge where the pistol goes on his back.  The only pieces that cause any real difficulty are the Ultima (or Agemo if you prefer) symbols that attach to his leather waist straps.
Guilliman has a pair of tabs on his feet that allow him to naturally seat on the display base, allowing him to be interchangeable without fancy magnets or pinning.

 I used the tabs on Guilliman's feet to carve out the spaces for him to sit on the base to be used in game.
 The base then just got a coat of Stirland Mud for texture, and Abaddon Black around the rim.
 When I begin painting a model, I prime black, and then base coat the areas I plan to wash.  These areas received base coats of Warplock Bronze for the gold areas, Leadbelcher for the silver areas and Zandri Dust for the tan areas.  Then a wash of Argax Earthshade was brushed over those areas and left to dry.  Next time, I will work through the layers I use to finish the model.

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