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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Legends of the Space Marines

Just finished Legends of the Space Marines. I have to say my favorite short story of the bunch was "The Returned" by James Swallow and is about Tarikus, the Doom Eagle from BloodTide. This story is interesting in the way it depicts the viewpoint of the chapter as the marine returns, rather than the point of view of the returning marines like in Courage and Honour. Interestingly enough, this collection contains an edited version of "Consequences" the trial of Uriel Ventris and his subsequent exile. For those who have read it before, it has been slightly edited to replace Captain Pythea (goodbye, you are not in the fluff anymore) with Captain Sicarius. It makes Sicarius' dislike of Uriel in Courage and Honour a little more understandable. Another interesting short story was "The Trial of the Mantis Warriors". For one, someone was able to make CS Goto readable. Maybe if he sticks to just the Mantis Warriors he could achieve something worthwhile, but his flights of fancy regarding the Deathwatch and Eldar are just too abysmal. The other stories are entertaining, and worth reading too, they just didn't make as big an impression on me; although "Orphans of the Kraken" is nice for some Scythes of the Emperor love.

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