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Friday, April 2, 2010

Thousand Sons

I thought I would put my money where my mouth is, and show off the first squad for my thousand sons army. I still haven't decided on a list, but I know I want to have at least three squads of the thousand sons troop choice.

I decided to do the standard scheme for them, starting with a basecoat of regal blue, brazen brass and boltgun. Then a wash of devlan mud; followed by layers of shining gold and burnished gold. The boltgun got hit with a layer of chainmail, and the blue got a layer of 50:50 regal blue enchanted blue, and then a highlight of enchanted blue. Finally, the eyes were done with layers of orkhide green, snot green, goblin green, and scorpion green.


  1. Came out looking pretty sweet. What will the bases look like?

  2. I still haven't decided on bases. Thinking pre-heresy paint scheme space wolf bitz and some kind of unique flock. Don't know what yet though.

  3. Love the idea. And again they look sweet.