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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ultramarines 4th Company

Today I would like to show off my 4th Company of Ultramarines. I know I was going to try to do this once a month, but I seem to be getting sidetracked with shiny new things like the BA codex and new plastic kits. Still, I will try to continue on.

My 4th company is the oldest army I currently own, though it has been given a face lift. It has the highlights and shading that i currently give my models, and the bases have all been given a face lift (originally they were green turf) inspired by Warriors of Ultramar. Most of the marines have the metal Ultramarine shoulder pads (to show how old the army is, it was back when GW sold bitz at Gamesday by the gram, and I got an Outrider discount, SCORE!).

There are two conversions I am rather proud of, both are mainly kit bashes. The first is Captain Uriel Ventris.

Uriel is mainly a space marine commander kit, but his head is a deathwatch marine head with the bionic eye cut out and smoothed away to make a normal eye. The back banner is paper, copied form the 2nd edition Ultramarine codex and painted over. I would like to replace it with a freehand version, but don't know when that will happen. The free hand on Uriel's shoulder pad and the shield are inspired by the Ultramarines Inferno issue, which had depictions of his heraldry; as well as the most recent Space Marines codex. The only thing I haven't tried to reproduce is the Rose of Pavonis.

The second model is Sergeant Learchus inspired from the Courage & Honour comic. The comic had a lot of views of Learchus, some of them varying widely in his wargear and look. However, I think this conversion is a good composite of them all. Again the model is mainly a space marine commander kit. I added forgeworld brass etch in three places, the center of his belt, the eagle on his shoulder pad and the Ultramarine symbol on his other shoulder pad.

Below is the Flicker slideshow of the whole company.


  1. Wow, very nice work. I wish that I had the wherewithal to complete a full company. Nice Job.

  2. Awesome, I've nearly completed my Relictors 5th Company and much armoury side-tracking projects along the way.

    They look awesome all together!