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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

1000 Sons Terminator Lord

Though he has sat upon my painting table for a couple of months, I finally finished my 1000 Sons Terminator lord. I followed the same color scheme that i used for my first squad of 1000 Sons, with one addition, I used a 60:30 mix of Regal Blue and Ultramarines blue as a highlight coat, and then an extreme highlight of Ultramarines Blue. I like the look of it, and will probably need to pick up an empty paint pot so I can mix up a batch using Vallejo game color.

One element I like on this model are the Horus style eyes I added to the staff, forehead symbol and knee pad. I used P3 Ember Orange for the eyeball, with chaos black for the eye slit.

Though the base is somewhat pedestrian right now, with it's brown layers and grey rock. I think I will need to find something to add just the right touch of otherwordlyness to it that I want my 1000 Sons to have.


  1. Nice job - the terminator lord looks very Tzeentch with the paint scheme complementing the build well.

  2. Looks good man, though you realize that you are starting to paint another army Ultramarine Blue. The blood to ultramarine blue mix in your system must be getting low and is demanding a fix. ;)

  3. Hah Huron, I guess so. I suppose I could have done an ice blue miX instead, but UM blue seemed so much closer.

    JabberJabber, thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to kleep the army look across all of the models, so the lord has a similar paint scheme to the sorceror from the squad I did a while back. I didn't give them any lighter highlights though, so I used the lord as an experiment and will probably go back and add the additional layers.