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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Aurora Marines Captain

In a departure from my normal habit of just showing off finished models, I thought I would share a project I have been working on for about the last two weeks. Essentially, it is a Captain on a bike, though I intend for it to be an Aurora Marines proxy for Kosarro Khan as well. The army concept is an armored column, with space marine bikes for screening elements, and scout bikes as, well, scouts. The center will be three predators, two razorbacks with techmarines (one might be an iron father depending on points) and two land raiders. This is based on the blurb in the Space Marine Codex about the Aurora Marines having more Land Raiders and Predators than any other chapter.

The basis for the model uses a standard marine bike kit. I then added the plastic captain's torso and the bionic arm wielding a chainsword. I clipped the chainsword off and replaced it with the power weapon from the Assault on Black Reach captain. An Aurora Marines shoulder pad was also used on the right shoulder pad, and the eagle shoulder pad and iron halo from the space marine captain's kit were used as well.

Finally, I took one of the iron halo bitz from the terminantor kit and filed the skull down so it was smooth. I then attached it to the top of the space marine bike banner pole. Following which, I sculpted an helix to recreate the Aurora Marines chapter symbol. Then I sculpted a cloak onto the bake of the captain, I did this by making a square of putty and trimming it so that it looked like a cloak laid flat. I then affixed it to his shoulders (cutting a rectangle for where the backpack raises out of the armor), and then bent the cloak around the banner pole so that it had a dynamic, wind blown effect. My only dilemma now is whether to sculpt a pennon for the banner pole, or just use one from the scout bike boxed set.

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