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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sons of Guilliman tactical Squad

My second tactical squad for my Sons of Guilliman is done now, giving me most of a 1k army. I'm still not sure whether to build two rhinos for them or make some other vehicle or even build a scout squad to add to this group. I think part of me is balking at building and painting to rhinos with the white blue quartered color scheme.

One thing I tried differently was the way in which I built the layers for my white on this squad. Normally, I just paint Astronomicon Grey and then two layers of Skull White. This time I added in a layer of P3 Frostbite as well. It is a lighter, yet slightly bluer grey. Above is a comparison shot, with the sergeant on the left being from the first tactical squad. Honestly, i can't see the difference, so maybe it is an unnecessary step.

Lastly, here are some close up shots of the sergeant from both sides. I know my freehand isn't amazing, but I can definitely see it getting better in some cases. I'm just glad Im not doing a chapter of these guys, because by the time I did finish, I would have to go back and redo all of the freehand to a higher standard.

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