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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Forge World Contemptor Part 2

I really wish I could have written this post sooner, however, I had a slight snag with my Contemptor - it was missing one of the shoulders. A quick email to Forge World rectified the situation. A week later my Contemptor was finished being built.

I opted for a running pose, and positioned the Contemptor at the front of the base. I positioned the power fist extended forward, with the hands spread as if it were spraying promethium at its foes. The head is following the line of the power fist arm. The lascannon arm is aimed low and to the left, targeting another foe. Behind the Contemptor, are the mangled bitz of an Iron Warrior who the Contemptor plowed through, dismembering in a gory spray.

I kept the paint scheme in line with all of my other Ultramarines. I painted Boltgun and Dwarven Bronze on the Iron Warrior bitz. I then did a wash of Devlan Mud and final highlights of Shining Gold and Chainmail. I then splattered Baal Red on the Iron Warrior bitz to add some kind of blood effect.


  1. It looks good, but I think it would have had a stronger sense of motion if you had put it at the back of the base and added a bit more motion to the legs. At the front of the base the balance of the model is a bit off in my opinion. The paint looks good though.

  2. I think I understand what you are saying, but if I put the contemptor at the back of the base, it wouldn't tell the story I wanted to. Also, posing the run is kind of tricky with the Contemptor, I really had to do a lot of adjusting to get it anywhere close to where I wanted. When are you going to debut your two?

    Also, I am probably going to do one of those twin kheres ac with missile launcher builds as well at some point. If only you could also do one with twin scycles/aruhks and one with a giant scythe, then I would have something close to the whole Wing Gundam team =)