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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mark II Assault Marines Part II

Having rinsed and cleaned the resin, I assembled the MKII marines in a pretty straightforward manner. I used some Armorcast bases I had lying around to continue the urban warfare theme that my first group of MKII marines had. I did misjudge the weighting of one of them, the marine on the buried barrel. Consequently I had to add some ballast chunks and a pewter skull from Reaper to the base to add some weight. It works, most of the time. I also decided to add the scabbarded sword from the Sevrin Loth and Honor Guard kit to my sergeant to distinguish him from the rest of the squad.

Building on the work I did with the Sternguard squad, each marine is painted in my standard Ultramarine color scheme. I used a Micron Pen and a very fine brush to free hand the Ultramarine Agemo, Chapter and Company Numbers (they are still in the 91st company, but as they are regular assault marines, they are part of the 904Th company), squad designation and squad number. I opted to give them green shoulder pad rims, as they are the fourth company in the 91st chapter.

Overall, I really liked these models, though my frustration lies with the simplicity Forge World has built into their series of Mark kits. You are really forced into the given arm poses each kit offers, and while the assault squad kit has separate hands from weapons, their isn't enough similarity in the arm styling to let you mix ad match with the MKII tactical suit kits. Truthfully, the MKII Assault Marine kit is worth it for the jump packs alone.


  1. Nice one mate. I think the green works great with the blue.

  2. Thanks, I've always liked the 4th company colors, and the P3 paints I use for it work nicely, keeping it a tad darker than using GW's similar colors.