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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ultramarines Storm Eagle

While this wasn't the biggest pain of a model to build, it was still pretty annoying. The two resin pieces of the fuselage were warped outward pretty badly. There were also pretty bad thin spots and some parts of the models were miscast somewhat.
For the warping, I ran the model under hot water, though it might be worthwhile to pick up a hot air gun (or borrow my wife's). Some rubber bands along with the glue were enough to glue the fuselage together. The canopy, and multimelta were painted separately so that the clear canopy could be glued on with canopy glue.
I painted the model in the same way as the Storm Talon, then, once it was sealed, I used the canopy glue to put the clear canopy on. The the model was fully assembled.

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