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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blue Scribes of Tzeentch

The Blue Scribes are a pretty easy model to build, however the difficulty comes with cleaning the Finecast resin. Once assembled and primed, The paint layers were pretty easy to do, and followed the way the other Tzeentch daemons were done.
For consistency's sake, I gave the Disc the same cat eyes as the Screamers. The teeth on the Disc were just as big a pain as those on the Flamers too. The feather quills were painted with layers of GW red, then P3 Carnal Pink, and then a layer of White Scar.
Once the model was painted, I used a Micron pen to add the faux writing to the scrolls and book pages that were open. I'm still waiting for my Fateweaver to arrive, but once here, that will be my next Tzeentch model.

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