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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Executioners Chapter Master

The Space Marine army I've had the most fun working on in the last year is definitely the Executioners. They have an aesthetic and force organization that is very comparable to the way my style of 40k playing has evolved to.
With that in mind, and having a gift on the back burner to influence me, I decided to kit bash together a Chapter Master for the Executioners. There is a short story in the second Badab War book of Thulsa Kane meeting with the current Executioners Chapter Master. It results in him taking all of the blame for the Executioners siding with the Astral Claws for honors sake, but him leaving the chapter in exile as well. So this model is a re-imagining of a future chapter master.
The model was built with legs, axe and arms from the Sanguinary Guard boxed set. The hood is from the Dark Angels boxed set, and the shield and purity seals are from the Grey Knights boxed set. The backpack and standard are from the Tacical Squad boxed set. The shoulder pads are from Forge World.

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  1. Once again you need to work on those Dark, blurry photos. I can not see any detail clearly at all (except the should pad and purity seal in the second pic). Please take some brighter, clearer shots and post them.