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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dark Vengeance Bike Squad

The easiest models in the Dark Vengeance boxed set are by far the space marines. While at once detailed and simple, they make for ideal starters for any new player. Quite the contrast with the heavily baroque chaos models.
The Ravenwing element of the Disciples of Caliban was the one element stopping me from finishing up the one thousand point block I had envisioned building. However, when I finally was coming around to building something, previews for Dark Vengeance were popping up all over the internet. So I decided to wait.
While the Ravenwing bikes were painted similarly to the rest of the army, I did transition from P3 to the new GW paints for a lot of the Dark Vengeance models. Especially using Caliban Green and Warpstone Glow to replace the greens for my Disciples of Caliban. Like the terminators, the bikes are painted exactly like the rest of the army - this concept comes from some fluff I cam across on Bolter & Chainsword.

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