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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ultramarines Razorback

This model was a project long in the making. Back when I decided to purchase the Land Raider Achilles, I also got a Land Raider Crusader kit with the intention of building two Land Raiders and this Razorback.
The Achilles and Land Raider (it's the one for my Salamanders) were built months ago. This kit has been waiting for me to build it, and during a binge of model building when I bought Dark Vengeance this was produced. Now I only have a few models left to build or paint on my painting desk.
This razorback was painted with the same pigments as I have been using on my other Ultramarine models. After sealing the model once, I then applied Decal Set, applied water slide transfers and then Decal set on top. Finally, the models were given a second coat of Dullcote.

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