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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pre Heresy Tactical Marines

One lesson working on the infantry component of my Pre-Heresy Ultramarines has taught me is - wait for the book. I made the foolish assumption that the basic unit of the Space Marine Legions would be the same as those of the Space Marine Chapters. The truth is they are completely different. Legion tactical squads either get Bolters or Bolt pistol and close combat weapon.
Having built the first ten marines with a plasma gun and missile launcher, I was forced to pull those two models out. leaving me with an initial eight tactical marines. Following on the five assault marines I already built and painted, these marines are given the same colors, being from the same company.
I painted the squad with the same GW paint colors as I have been using on the Ultramarines since the color change over. The lettering and numbers were done with a Micron pen, and then painted with Ceramite white and then White Scar.


  1. I will have to try out the Micron pen technique. It seems like a time saver. Thanks.

  2. It is a .005 Micron pen, they are the finest point you can buy. I have had mine for a couple years, and it hasn't dried out.