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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Chaos Deamons Codex

I waited about a week to pick up the Chaos Deamons Codex.  For one thing, I wasn't sure how necessary it would be for me to own, for another I was still digesting the Death from the Skies book.  On the whole, I think it is a nice improvement from the last, though i am not happy about the move of Deamon Princes from heavy support to HQ.  Then again, that was really a filler choice that didn't make much sense.  Still my Tzeentch Deamons are now kind of HQ heavy.  The chariots are not that impressive either, though now I feel like I need to pick up the Tzeentch one at some point and thrown an exalted flamer on it.  I'm also disappointed that they didn't make a flyer.  A single kit with four different builds (heads or whatever) could have made a flying beastie for the army.  Of course, they could have thrown the Helldrake into the list too, but that doesn't make too much sense considering the allies rules.  On the whole, it's okay, I'll be interested to try it with my Thousand Sons some day soon.

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  1. All you need is some Blight Drones. They are a Flying Squadron that Daemons can take.