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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Getting Back In The Game

A long time ago, before I moved to Maryland and started a family, I used to be deep into Warhammer 40,000.  Regularly playing games, buying every book, and playing in RTT's all of the time.  Pretty much the same time that Games Day moved away from Baltimore, I moved away from the gaming aspects of the hobby.  This blog has pretty much been a catalog of my hobby projects, and the infrequency of my postings has really echoed how far I've left the hobby.  Mostly due to time constraints and a general tiredness that made late night hobby projects a thing of the past.

With more time on my hands during my unemployment, I've decided to carve out some time to start playing again.  Probably in the worst possible way, as I am going to an RTT in West Virginia this weekend so I can hang out with an old friend I haven't seen in forever.  This turned into a flurried browsing of my favorite Warhammer 40,000 boards to see what the current meta looks like.  My problem is two fold, first off, I have a vast collection of Ultramarines.  Second, not being up on the current meta, I really build models I like the look of instead of optimizing for tournament play.

My first objective was to decide on the core of my army.  I'm going to play with my Ultramarines, because they are my true 40k love.  Being a flyer afficianado, I will be using two Storm Talons, they are configured for anti tank duty, and should help in that regard.  I also found a suggestion to use Telion in a scout sniper squad.  Stick them behind an Aegis Defense Line with an Icarus pattern lascannon and let Telion precision strike specific threats.  Next on my list is a lascannon, plasma gun tactical squad to fill out my second Troops choice.

For a basic HQ choice, I'm opting for a no frills Librarian to sit back and Prescience at will.  Next, I will be using my Centurions, they are equipped with lascannon and missile launcher, and coupled with the Storm talons should form a good anti-armor core.  I know that I will be facing Baneblades and Knight Titans as it is an Escalation tournament, and not wanting to bring a super heavy of my own (as I don't own Escalation yet) I would rather be able to counter any threats.

As for the rest of my force, I am still debating on what will work best, for example a drop podding Sternguard squad with combimeltas could be a nice addition, as would a Land Raider Redeemer with some Assault Terminators inside.  A Storm Raven could also be a nice addition, and I have a third Storm Talon to put on a pretty nice aerial display.  I just don't know how effective these elements are.  I will be posting the final list, as well as the results of the tourney next week.  It should be fun, and I thoroughly expect to get wiped off the table.   But it will be a good indicator of what i need to think about in games to come.

Just as an update, I've decided to add on a tactical squad with lascannon and plasma gun, a tactical squad with Missile Launcher and Flamer, and Ironclad in a drop pod, and a Venerable Dreanought in a Drop pod.  Should be fun.  Pics next week after the Tourney with a write up.

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