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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hawk Lords

Tonight I finished the first half of my Hawk Lords project, and probably the easiest as part 2 involves a bucket of land speeders and tracking down a Shrike model. The two squads were built using a tactical squad, combat squad and assault squad boxed set courtesy of a Space Marine Battle force boxed set I picked up a couple of weeks ago. In addition, two Ravenguard Sternguard upgrade kits from Forgeworld have been mixed into the models to add some customization.

The first squad uses the shoulder pads and torsos from the upgrade kits to make my life a bit easier. The tactical symbol is still free handed, but the shoulder pad chapter symbol is the forgeworld pad. The sergeant has a lightning claw and the unhelmeted head from the forgeworld upgrade kit. The rest of the squad has the beaky helmets, except for one marine who has a regular beaky helmet.

The second squad has the backpacks from the upgrade sprue, and the sergeant has the helmeted sergeant head. The tac symbol and chapter symbols have been free handed, and for both squads, the squad number was drawn with a micron pen. Both squads use the P3 purple and magenta for their base coat and highlights over black primer. I experimented with both straight P3 purple and using Hormoguant Purple as base coats with washes of GW purple ink.

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