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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ultramarines Drop Pods

One of the things I have often been asked is how do i maintain my focus on the Ultramarines? Building a chapter of space marines often requires pretty manic obsession, but having a plan lets you set goals. Whether those are painting goals or modelling goals, or goals for life in general a plan always helps.

Large scale projects can often be overwhelming, and to be honest I kind of fell into building an Ultramarines chapter. It started out as me not liking my current army and wanting to repaint them. I had done that three times before I decided to just go ahead and build the whole chapter.

This blog post is a good example of the kind of goals I am talking about. I decided a while back that I wanted enough drop pods to deploy an entire company, minus the assault squads. back then I only had a deathstorm drop pod and a troop transport drop pod from Forgeworld.

Above are the pics of those first drop pods. They still need a bit of touch up where I decided to paint the Imperial eagles yellow, and some updated to the current highlighting style, but I'm satisfied with them for now. My one big regret is that I was never able to acquire one of the original resin death storm assault cannon drop pods, like the missile launcher one pictured above.

I did however treat myself to a deathstorm drop pod with assault cannons when I purchased my last drop pod needed. I painted the deathstorm and drop pod in tandem this past week, and while I originally intended to put hazard striping on the fins, in all honesty, I'm not big on hazard striping.

One other item of note here, is that the last drop pod was done with the missile launcher upgrade. I think it's a waste of points on the drop pod, but for completeness sake, I wanted to have one available with that option. I do intend to pick up one of the new hybrid missile launcher death storm kits at some point. Especially since games Day Baltimore is coming up in August. But we shall have to see what has been released by then. I suppose haunting ebay might be in order for the resin AC deathstorm as well, maybe one day I'll be able to post some pics of it.

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