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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Space Marine Test Models and Commissar Lord

Here are three one off models that i have been working on in the last two weeks. The first is a Commissar Lord from my Cadian 212th regiment. I've been wanting this figure since it came out and have finally gotten around to picking it up. The army is based on the Tactica Aeronautica campaign, which is why the base is from an ice world. The Cadian 212th was assigned to with a heavy commissariat presence to make sure they are still properly loyal to the Emperor and Imperium. Hence, every squad will have a commissar in the army. The commissar lord is there to join the HQ command squad. I kept the pallete simple, with silver armor, and black cloth to emphasize the commissar role, and reds to accent his status as an IC and a lord.

The second figure is a Marines Malevolent sergeant. I've been thinking about this army for awhile, though the way the color scheme looks on an actual model seems too bumblebeeish. I will have to ponder it some more before doing anything more with the army and paint scheme. One of the main concepts that intrigues me with these guys is their use of older marks of weapons and armor, conveying a sense of "poorness" or lack of supply, that other chapters don't have. Here I used some bitz from the Death Company sprues to build the model. Future ideas would utilize drum fed bolters and mix and matched armor, as well as some battle damage.

The last figure is a Hawk Lords tactical marine. right now they seem to be what interests me most. Especially having just gotten some of the forgeworld ravenguard sternguard upgrade kits. The idea behind this force would be fast moving, especially land speeder squadrons for that link to the Hawk Lords specialty of flying Thunderhawks. If a plastic one were ever made, I would probably build the land speeder tempest - formation for them. Definitely more to come on them soon. In fact, two tactical squads are sitting on my painting desk as I type, crying out to be finished.

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