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Monday, June 28, 2010

Nick Kyme's Fireborn

Blasphemous though it may seem to some, I picked up Nick Kyme's Fireborn the other day to give it a listen while I paint. I enjoyed listening to Raven's Flight, so i figured I would give this one a try as well. I also enjoyed reading Salamanders so I had doubly good expectations for this one. Fireborn picks up after the events of Salamanders and follows Tsu'gan on his first mission as a Firedrake. An ecclissiarchal world is being invaded by chaos and Tsu'gan's squad, under Praetor's leadership, have to recover a relic before the world falls. The story is well crafted and entertaining to listen to, especially if it is background noise while you are painting or modelling (as I used it). It's action packed, and as this audio book is also an audio drama, it is more than just a voice reading words, their are character voices and sound effects as well (just like in Raven's Flight). fans of Salamanders should definitely check Fireborn out. If you haven't been willing to give an audio book a try, this is a worthwhile one to try with.

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