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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Aurora Marines Captain Part 2

The painted Aurora marines Captain on a bike didn't take me too much time. He is pretty straight forward too, I opted to do a pure black cloak with the inner cloak being the same as the outer.

I did two things differently for this model, the first was to use a coat of P3 Iosan Green as a layer above snot green. The second was to try a technique I heard about on the Gamers Lounge by host Jay, wherein you do about two layers of dry brushing, emphasizing the areas where light would strike the model most.

Between those layers, you do an ink wash to blend the colors together. The first layer is a 60:40 mix of Vallejo game color Sick Green and Goblin Green. I the did a wash of Thraka green, follow by a layer the above mix with some Vallejo Scorpy Green mixed in (GW's Snot Green, Goblin green and Scorpion Green).

I like using Vallejo paints for mixing as the bottle design eliminates the need for eye droppers or brushes to put pain on your pallet for mixing.

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