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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Changeling

Sadly, one of the last models on my painting desk right now is now done. I've been sitting on the Changeling for a while now, almost since I finished the Horrors a couple of months ago. For one thing, I'm not a huge fan of the model. I think it is kind of a cop out, by robing him completely.

I started out priming the model black. For the robes, I used a basecoat of Regal Blue, then a coat of Enchanted Blue. I then gave the robe a 50:50 coat of Enchanted Blue and Ice Blue, followed by a coat of Ice Blue and an extreme highlight of 50:50 Ice Blue and Skull White. I also used that last mix on the nails of the Changelings hands.

For the flames, I used layers of Scab Red, Blood Red, Blazing Orange, Golden Yellow and Sunburst Yellow. The bone and gold were done the same way I paint those colors every time.

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