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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ultramarines 6th Company

It has been a while since I have displayed more of my Ultramarines chapter in company or bulk format. This time out, I have the pleasure to show off my 6th company. It has a couple of different elements which I am proud of, as well as some slight modifications to make it a bit less gaudy.

The first change I made was to discard the orange shoulder pad rims in favor of the gold metallic. Despite that being used for the 2nd company, I figured I could adapt it and use a shoulder pad design that displayed the company number in the left corner, squad number in the center, and squad designation in the right corner. For the most part I was successful with this, though there are one or two instances where I mixed up the squad and company numbers.

I also chose to make two different versions of the company captain, one on foot and one on a bike. As you can see from above, the captain on a bike is a conversion of the Master of the Ravenwing on a jetbike model. That model is probably THE sweetest figure made by Games Workshop.

The biggest obstacle was to remove the plasma cannon from the underside of the chassis. I did this with clippers and then used green stuff to repair the gap and create a fin of sorts in that space. I then applied two pieces of brass etched on the shoulder pads. One was an Ultramarines symbol, the other a winged skull.

While I kept the gold shoulder pads, I felt the tabards(as well as any other models in the company with cloth) should have orange cloth to represent the company color.

Some other elements of the company include four squads of MKIV armor, built from the Red Scorpions Veteran squads and decorated with Ultramarine brass etched symbols. These were built back when that upgrade was the only one available, hence the lack of matching leg armor. I also used a squad of Black Templars Sword Brethern (minus the Lightning Claw marine who seemed to difficult to waste the effort mod'ing at the time)to supplement the command squad.


  1. You've done a solid job with the jetbike conversion. Using the brass etch is a really good idea to shift the iconograpy towards the Ultramarine end of the spectrum a bit.

  2. Thanks, it was the best I could do without completely rebuilding the model, and while I think I have adequate modelling skills, I know I am not that good.