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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ultramarines Pre Heresy Captain

This is a conversion I built as a Golden Daemon entry about three years ago. It is inspired by the Command Squad Ingenus card from the Horus Heresy card game. I started with an old Space Wolf chest plate and removed all of the details from it. This gave me the belt shape where I could apply the Ultramarine symbol. I removed the skull to create the blank chest plate. I then used very thin wedges of green stuff to create the braiding.

I detached the sword hand from the arm and turned it, so that the blade would be turned in and repositioned the arm for the pose. I then used a Space Marine Bike arm for the opposite arm and put a bolter in the hand.

For the shoulder pads, I used one of the Deathwatch shoulder pads and removed the Inquisition symbol and replaced it with a brass etched Ultramarines symbol. The other shoulder pad I used a blank shoulder pad, and then took a scribing tool and made the lines across the inside. I then added a laurel from the command squad sprue.

For the base, I used a blob of green stuff to build up the base, and then added razorwire and a Chaos Marine shoulder pad. I painted the shoulder pad in Word Bearers shoulder pads.

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