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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nick Kyme's Firedrake

Nick Kyme's Firedrake is the second book in his Book of Fire trilogy. It opens with Ba'kir and Iagon now sergeants of the squads Da'kir and Tsu'gan once led. They are led by Chaplain Elysius against the Dark Eldar. Elysius also happens to be the current bearer of the Sigil of Vulkan.Da'kir is also back, and we glimpse some of the trials of a prospective librarian among the Salamanders and Tsu'gan continues fighting alongside Praetor and the Firedrakes. The reader also finds out about a prophecy that could spell the destruction of the Salamanders and Nocturne and Nihilan is attempting to fulfill it.

The Dark Eldar are depicited using the new codex's fluff. Their soul hunger and the scheming nature of their society is well done. Vulkan He'stan is also brought into the mix, and his characterization is well done, showing him as mythical due to his rank as Forgefather and craving the brotherhood of his chapter because of the isolation it forces upon him. My only real quibble with this novel is it starts out somewhat slow. Otherwise it is a good read, worth picking up for fans of Salamander.

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