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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Space Marine Review

I bought the new THQ game, Space Marine today after work, and brought it home and started playing as soon as possible. First impressions, the opening cinematics are great - along the line of Dawn of War. The main character, Captain Titus, drops through the upper atmosphere by jump pack, dodging through falling ship wreckage to land on an ork kruzer. The game mechanics themselves are easy to pick up, however having played Call of Duty games previously, I found myself wanting to use the melee attack button from that in the beginning. However, after the twentieth ork killed in melee, it becomes pretty easy to melee kill without getting the wrong buttons pushed. I have yet to try the online play, due to some Internet issues and the fact that it takes forever to update the PS3 every time I buy a new game. However, I do think this is a fun game, good for blowing off steam and enjoying the Warhammer 40,000 universe.


  1. Just wait until you get further. The detail and feel of the environment is amazing. The story is awesome too, and the weapons just get better.
    The online is fun (I have it for PC, so different platform) but overall it takes very little to get use to and go.
    Check out my review over at!

  2. I'm enjoying playing it so far. I just got out of the sewers after the whole crazy power source plot.