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Sunday, September 11, 2011


I'll be honest, lately my post count has fallen off for a number of reasons. For one thing, I've been lucky enough to spend more time with my family. But more than that, I haven't had too many projects that inspire me to paint and model. The Forge World models I've gotten have been great, however the regular 40k line and the paltry re-releases from Games Workshop have left me unmotivated to finish any of the small 1000 point army projects I need to finish to start something new. So those are the reasons I haven't been as productive of late.

What does motivate me, art like the picture above for one thing. I love the Ultramarines (could you tell?) and art that involves them, or Black Library fiction about them helps to feed the fires. Sadly, I'm so far along with the Ultramarines, that I have only vehicles left to build, and even then not many. Definitely the Black Library books, video games and White Dwarf help to inspire me, as do the various blogs that I visit. Having just bought Space Marine, the video game, I'm hoping it will reinvigorate my desire to do some modeling.


  1. Inspiration is a double edged sword for me. Without it I wouldn't get anything started, too much of it and I never get anything finished. :D

    Space Marine has left me wanting to make a Titus model. /sigh yet another project on the list. ^_^

  2. What has really got me excited is the ability to look at Space Marine models based on the game's customizer. Along with the entire storyline making me want to paint and make a small force of Space Marines (I'm an Eldar player) it has really pushed me to get into the modeling and coloring more.
    I hope to see you get some other work out soon, otherwise lulls do happen.....I just came out of one!

  3. I have to agree with you mendokusai, Titus would be a cool conversion to make. The angles in game make it kind of hard to see both of his shoulder pads though.

    Its been raining in my neck of the woods of late, so its been hard to find a dry, not humid time to prime. I have a squad of horrors waiting to be painted for my tzeentch deamon army.

    I've also been debating about picking up a land raider achilles for a while, so that could be coming down the pipe.

    I also plan on showing off some more of my Ultramarines, next up the 1st company, so one can see the entire infantry element of my Ultramarines chapter on flicker. Then, Ill be posting up picks of my land raiders. I have quite a few to show too.