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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ultramarines 1st Company

I think I've delayed the longest in showing off my First Company because of the changes I would like to make to it. Mainly the two vanguard squads without jump packs - I would like to add jump packs to them. Anyways, some of the non Ultramarines special characters ended up here, my version of Kantor can act as a non-Calgar chapter master, or as a power armour company captain. I also chose to use Lysander as the veteran sergeant in charge of the command squad of terminators. There is a terminator squad with two of each type of terminator heavy weapon, and then one terminator assault squad of all lightning claws and one of all Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield. The command squad is made up of Assault on Black Reach terminators. There are two Sternguard squads, one made up of Tyranid Hunter models, with some minimal conversions to add a flamer, heavy bolter and a power sword to the sergeant. The second squad is made up of two Sternguard boxed sets. There are three vanguard squads, two made from the pewter veteran boxed sets (with a Games Day power fist marine added in to one). The last squad is made up of one Vanguard boxed set and one of the Red Scorpions Vanguard kits from Forge World.

Next time, I'll be showing off all of my Ultramarine Land Raiders.

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