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Sunday, October 2, 2011

2nd Pink Horror's Squad

Having spent a lot of time on space marines the past few months, I took the opportunity for a change and built a second squad of Horrors. I used the same kind of aesthetic for this squad as well, avoiding the bird beak heads as much as I could. Though I did use fewer flaming arms (I think).

One big difference between this squad and the last was the paints I used. I primed red using Duplicote. Then I based them in Lich Purple. I then used Vallejo Tentacle pink the main coat. Finally, I did an extreme highlight of P3 Carnal Pink.

The rest of the painting followed my old stand bys in terms of paint layers. The base uses a mix of ballasts in order to create a varied texture. Finally the models are sealed with Dullcote.

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