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Sunday, October 30, 2011

On the Painting Table

For my anniversary, my wife gave me a gift card to Games Workshop, so after a long drought of buying any GW product, I was able to do some hobby restocking. The local manager was pretty surprised to see me, and I think a bit glad I was there to spend, even if it was with a gift card. With that in mind, I decided to build something I had been thinking about ever since the Grey Knights came out - space marine librarians.

I used the legs, back torso, and nemesis swords and warding staves - both from the kit and from my left over bitz -as well as the back packs, non storm bolter weapon arms, and one or two of the bare heads from the Grey Knight troop sprues. Then I used some Space Marine heads, some pistol arms and one combat shield arm to build five librarians.

With the models built, I used the grey two part epoxy that I use for sculpting to give the four without loin cloths, loin cloths. Then, choosing to make two of the Librarians Blood Ravens, I add sculpted ravens to the right shoulder pad of both models, and a raven to the combat shield. I figure I can free hand the blood drop. I also added brass etched Ultramarines symbols to one of the librarians. For the final two I am uncertain as to their chapter, though i am leaning toward one Sons of Guilliman, and the other could either be a Disciple of Caliban or a Flesh Tearer. But then again, I'm not sold on either.


  1. LOL I did the same thing for my Libbys for my chapter. Dont have the Pics up on my blog yet, but soon i will. Almost finished with the second libby for my battle company.

  2. Thanks, Ive got the first librarian finished, and should have a post up about it soon.