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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Outcast Dead

It feels good to have Halloween behind me once again. I picked up The Outcast Dead by Graham McNiell, on Saturday and was able to finish it early on Sunday morning. Thank you Daylight Savings Time. There isn't much new in terms of plot movement in this novel. But it is an interesting look at astropaths during the Great Crusade and beyond. It has some interesting background about the Wars for Unification, and a little bit more about the Adeptus Custodes as well. In terms of plot, there is a broken astropath who survived the destruction of the Argo, and blames himself. During the course of his rehabilitation he learns a dire truth, and the novel is about the pursuit of that truth, both by the Imperium and Horus' proponents. Overall, it was a good addition to the series, though in the same category as Nemesis in my mind for relevance.


  1. Not sure I agree that it doesn't have any new plot development - the dire truth that is discovered has pretty profound implications for the rest of the Heresy. :)